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M&E systems (including low current) made by Gemmo Company

Arcugnano (Vicenza) - Rome November 28th, 2011
Today at the presence of the President of the Republic of Italy Mr. Giorgio Napolitano, the new High Speed Railway Station “Roma Tiburtina” has been inaugurated. The station, named after Camillo Benso Count of Cavour (1810-1861, leading figure in the movement toward Italian unification) is the first and the only Italian railway station designed exclusively for high speed lines and will be the most important gateway Rome.


Jewel of architectural and engineering innovation, the station was designed by architect Paolo Desideri and built by the company Coopsette. The whole of the M&E systems were built by Gemmo, for a total contract amount of 17 million euro.


"We are honoured to have contributed to the construction of a railway station of such strategic importance for our transportation system and for the whole Country. Gemmo once again confirmed its leadership in technological innovation and its reputation as a reliable partner, able to guarantee the best know-how and engineering capabilities and best performances" declared Mrs. Irene Gemmo, Chairperson and Managing Director of Gemmo S.p.A..


Gemmo Railway Division based in Rome directly managed the design and construction of all systems and also the technical and financial aspects of the whole project.


The systems are briefly described below:

  1. Electrical systems: Primary Distribution is granted by 4 MV/LV electrical substations with a total output of 6 Mega Watts with preferred MV network guaranteed by 2 generators (1600 KVA each) and two step-up transformers (1600 KVA each). LV power distribution is granted through 90 LV distribution panels equipped with regulators for mechanical systems control and supervision.
  2. Mechanical systems: The mechanical systems (heating, cooling-water and sanitation, storm water disposal, fire fighting system) are powered by 1 central plant room (5.600.000 calories), 1 cooling plant (5.170.000 cooling capacity/hr), 1 fire fighting pump station that feeds a UNI 45 fire hydrant system and sprinkler system and for the boulevard. Heating and cooling are provided by a network of radiant overhead and floor panels covering a surface of over 16.000 square meters and supplemented by a network of galvanized steel channels for a total of about 300 tons.
  3. Low Current systems: The project includes a fire detection system and automatic sprinkler shutdown, access control system and a complex system of CCTVs (more than 500 cameras under control).


All systems are managed through a single supervision system developed by Gemmo, located in a central control room.


"Since many years Gemmo has established itself as a crucial partner in the railway sector; two years after the TGV station Liège-Guillemins railway station (in Belgium) and Mestre-Venezia tramway (in Italy), we added Roma Tiburtina railway station to our portfolio, confirming that the level of innovation of our technology services coupled with our ability to ensure safety and 360° reliability are critical for the rail transportation both in Italy and abroad" concluded Mrs. Irene Gemmo.

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