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The town of Burgio is one of the first municipality in Italy to have its lighting network completely revamped


More than 750 lights and 300 artistic lighting kits for a complete overhaul of the town’s network and its artistic and historic heritage sites’ lighting: Gemmo just completed one of the most significant project in the field of public lighting with the complete overhaul of the town of Burgio.


Gemmo is going to be managing the town’s lighting infrastructure throughout 2021, but the city’s lighting network was in bad shape with poor energy performance and even poorer illumination of its several historical sites. Gemmo came in in October 2012 thanks to its CONSIP  national deal and the renovation started right away.


Little more than one year after,  Burgio has joined the forefront of municipalities adopting LED technology, remote controlling of the network, quick intervention maintenance system and 24hr call center service for public lighting. All services provide and managed by Gemmo.


All this was possible also thanks to mayor Vito Ferrantelli and its team’s work and determination toward adopting energy saving  and cost solutions and a technological partnership for the whole public lighting-related areas of intervention.


Gemmo worked in team with Philips Lighting for the roadside lighting and with Agon lighting for the whole historical sites’ part of the project and custom solutions. A dozen different types of support were implement with more than 25 different lighting types: all custom made to perfectly suit the structures of a medieval street core systems and complex architecture.


Here are some of the benefits that are just now fully coming clear to the citizens and visitors of the small medieval town:

-          A general improved lighting, i.e. more safety, security and more visual comfort

-          Reduced “residual” lighting from 170 kW down to 40 kW

-          Annual energy consumption is down from 700MWh to less than 200MWh 

-          Annual  CO2 reduction: 256 tons


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