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Gemmo SpA official homepage  »  NEWS AREA  »  Moroccan city of Berrechid to collaborate with Gemmo for 69% energy saving on its public lighting service

Gemmo SpA will work with local energy investment company SIE and the city to achieve energy saving and performance

 After the recent council meeting, the city of Berrechid decided to award the supply of public lighting service to Gemmo Spa, local energy and finance oriented company SIE. The city will also take part in this joint venture as a partner of Gemmo SpA and SIE.


Specifically, Gemmo SpA tasks will include a wide range of upgrading to law-abiding standards and the modernization of the public lighting system for the next 15 years. The common goal is to achieve significant energy saving performance and CO2 emissions’ reduction, in the context of a general increase of the quality of service.


The potential energy usage reduction could be down to 69% from current usage. This performance will be achieved thanks to a 100% replacement rate of the current 9,300 low efficiency lights, other than precise mapping and remote controlling of the entire network. Berrechid municipality will also benefit from a 24/7 call centre dedicated to the public lighting service the will help constantly monitor the state of the network. Another great benefit will of course come from the significant reduction of the energy bills.


“Berrechid city is facing a great opportunity”, said Mauro Gemmo after the city’s decision was made official, “Playing a pivotal role in this this scenario makes us very proud, and to effectively combine energy saving and innovation while being able to contribute to the challenge of fighting global warming is a pillar of our work.”



Berrechid city council

The Berrechid's city council during the voting session that awarded the public lighting service to Gemmo SpA and its partners