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Project Financing: the best guarantee for efficiency.

Project Finance is an exciting way for Gemmo to contribute more of our specialized knowledge to a project. In simple terms, Gemmo will entirely fund the project in return for the revenue that it will generate in the future. By internalizing and tying the cost of constructing a project to the revenue generated by how well it will operate in the future, we are guaranteeing that we will provide the client and the public with a project that is profitable and innovative while also efficient, safe, and environmentally sound.


PF FlowChart1
 *While all players involved in the “Functional Network” of a Gemmo Project Finance venture remain active participants throughout the entire process, we have chosen to highlight the key points where they play important roles in our “Method of Execution.”


Planning & Engineering: Gemmo works closely with the client to develop the project plans, feasibility estimates, environmental tests, etc. By teaming our specialists with those of the client during this crucial planning stage its ensured that we will never place profit above public welfare.


Funding: As the government does not provide any payment for the performance of works, Gemmo must secure funding from other sources. Gemmo has a solid history (fitch rating etc. how is this done?) securing funding from and working alongside the largest financial institutions in Italy to complete large-scale projects. Putting our own money at risk guarantees Gemmo’s efficiency, and also relieves clients, both private and public, from the task of securing hard to find financing during these strained economic times


Construction: The construction phase is where Gemmo makes all the planning and engineering a reality, which the company has been successfully doing for nearly a century. By using all in-house resources as well as a team of well-selected partners (suppliers, contractors, designers), Gemmo uses innovative measures to create energy savings in the future. Because we create systems that reduce energy costs for services that will be used by the public, we are cutting costs for both Gemmo and taxpayers, but never at the expense of delivering projects that are safe, efficient and reliable.


Operations & Maintenance: After construction completion, projects are put into use and must be operated and maintained. Through payment for Gemmo’s expert O&M works, we are able to both pay back our debt from the funding stage, and since we have innovated for better efficiency during the previous three phases, turn a profit.


Innovation Technology for Energy Savings is the backbone of our project finance process. The risk of whether we turn a profit on a project relies purely on how well we can implement new ideas and methods that will help beat the expectations laid out during the planning stage, results we exemplify through our past projects. With this in mind we offer our clients “the best guarantee for efficiency,” a Gemmo project delivered through project financing aligns our interests with yours, truly benefiting all parties involved.



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