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We design, install and operate technological systems, provide facility management services, implement energy efficiency improvements and provide energy management solutions for public and private organisations and companies.

Founded in 1919, Gemmo is one of the market leaders in terms of the number and strategic value of the works completed.

The company operates mainly in the large infrastructure sector, in complex and highly critical contexts. Gemmo’s expertise and engineering capabilities can increase the value of airports, hospitals, shopping centres, roads and tunnels, railway stations, government buildings, industrial plant and cultural heritage as functional and service assets.

Gemmo’s energy

0 MWe
trigeneration power
0 MWt
thermal power
0 MWf
refrigeration power
equivalent houses powered by electricity
equivalent houses powered by thermal energy
0 t/year
of CO2 emissions saved
0 TOE/year
of primary energy saved
0 t/year
of waste recovered and recycled (93% of the total produced)

The Gemmo model

From consulting and design to implementation and management.

Whether it is for new projects or the renovation of existing ones, the intervention model is always aimed at helping the customer to achieve significant savings in terms of operating costs (OPEX, OPerational EXpenditure) and an increase in asset value.

Gemmo, with its extensive expertise in energy efficiency, helps customers invest effectively in high-efficiency technology installations, supporting them in its proper and diligent operation and maintenance to achieve a reduction in energy consumption and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Gemmo provides support and operates at all stages of the PDBOR process (Program, Design, Build, Operate/Renovate).



Irene Gemmo, President

Giuseppe Tomarchio, CEO

Roberto Micoli, CFO

Alberto Dal Maso, Deputy CFO

Alessio Zanetti, Business Development & Innovation

Daniel Candusso, Procurement

Ciro Ascione, Smart Buildings & Infrastructures

Lucio Donatello, Facility Management

Alberto Manganaro, Project Financing & Concession

Marco Gamberini, Infrastructure Project Leader

Bruno Zanrosso, Proposal Engineering

Susanna Gemmo, Human Resources & General Services

Giorgio Vinciguerra, Compliance & Organization

Nicola Sperotto, Legal Department