Technological systems

From planning to management

As the electronic technology applied to systems evolves, new needs and opportunities arise that have to be addressed from the design stage up to maintenance.

In line with market needs, Gemmo has diversified its field of operations by integrating design and production activities with the provision of technological maintenance and global management services. This allows us to provide the highest quality solutions: from the installations to all related services.

Gemmo mainly operates in the large infrastructure sector with the design and implementation of complex and highly critical technological systems, with solutions that always focus on energy savings and performance.

Technological systems

System expertise

Technological systems are traditionally one of Gemmo’s greatest areas of expertise, due to its long history and extensive operational experience. Gemmo has undergone a continuous evolution, from the implementation of increasingly large and complex electrical systems for civil and industrial works to technological systems.

To carry out these activities in complex infrastructures, the company has set up a highly qualified technical and management structure, as well as specific facilities and tools.

Gemmo is involved in the engineering, installation, operation and maintenance of large electrical, power generation, heat generation, renewable energy, water/sanitary, fire protection and special systems (CCTV, data networks, EVAC).

Technical solutions for installations

Solutions for technological systems include the routine and extraordinary maintenance of electrical, special, mechanical and plumbing systems, technical and medical gas systems, heat management as a third party, and electricity management.

Scheduled periodic preventive, cyclical, predictive maintenance, repairs and replacements of technological systems, buildings and functional subsystems are managed through a computer system that ensures full coordination and reporting of the work carried out on each individual installation. The reporting system makes it possible to collect and process all the information related to the service provided, both for the purpose of control and for improving performance.