Facility management

Optimal management of buildings and structures

For organisations that have buildings and facilities to manage, it is particularly important to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness while minimising operating and maintenance costs. The answer to this is facility management, a field that deals with the management and maintenance of buildings and building systems.

Facility management involves a number of activities, ranging from planning to human and financial resource management, space and equipment management, and building and facility maintenance.

Facility management requires a multidisciplinary approach, with skills ranging from engineering to architecture, from finance to management, to logistics and human resources management.

Facility management activities

The activities that fall under facility management vary according to the type of facility and the specific needs of the customer. However, they generally include:

  • maintenance and repair of buildings and building systems: routine and extraordinary maintenance of buildings, repair of installations and equipment, security control systems and monitoring of installations
  • human resources management: selection of maintenance personnel, work organisation
  • management of financial resources: budgets, contracts with suppliers and subcontractors
  • management of ancillary services: transport systems, parking and other services requested by the customer
  • energy and natural resource management: energy efficiency and adoption of sustainable practices
  • health and safety management: verification of the safety conditions of installations and facilities, and the training of personnel regarding risks.

A single point of contact

Gemmo is aware of how important it is for the customer to be able to rely on a single point of contact that is capable of managing technological services for infrastructure, personnel and environmental protection, and that willing to provide answers with competence and responsibility. Wherever possible, the Group always uses its own personnel: more than four hundred specialists, surveyors and engineers, dedicated to providing enough technical support to offer a high level of service.

By revolutionising the traditional relationship between customer and supplier, Gemmo makes it possible to optimise management costs by guaranteeing results with contracts in which fees are commensurate with the achievement of agreed performance targets.