Public lighting

An ally for security

Public lighting is an essential part of the infrastructure of a city or community.

The main challenges facing public lighting are:

High costs: it can be expensive, in terms of both installation and maintenance.

Energy inefficiency: lamps used for public lighting often consume large amounts of energy, which can contribute to pollution and climate change.

Maintenance: public lighting has to be kept in good condition to ensure that it is effective and safe. This involves the cost of replacing defective or faulty lamps or components.

Safety: public lighting is often used to make roads and pavements safer at night. Sometimes, however, the lighting may be insufficient or inadequate, which can make the roads less safe.

Light pollution: public lighting can contribute to light pollution, which can interfere with the natural environment and the nocturnal life of animals.

Public lighting

Gemmo has decades of experience in managing all these aspects. From public lighting in towns and cities to monument lighting, without losing sight of long-term objectives for the community:

  • improve the quality of life of citizens
  • minimise the environmental impact
  • maximise energy savings
  • streamline the tasks of public administration.

Unique expertise

As a strategic partner for the redevelopment, operation and maintenance of public lighting, Gemmo supports public administrations throughout long-term sustainable projects based on proven experience.

There are numerous advantages of relying on Gemmo:

  • Legal responsibilities, operations, maintenance and innovation are handled by a single point of contact;
  • Develop and increase the value of artistic and cultural heritage through lighting (see the following slides);
  • Upgrade and modernise installations
  • Service optimisation
  • Smart and on-demand solutions

Integrated Service

Gemmo offers an integrated public lighting and traffic light management service that covers multiple activities:

  • Upgrading, installation and maintenance
  • Energy savings
  • Remote control systems
  • Monument and environmental lighting (parks, sports facilities etc.)
  • Operational management
  • Innovation and retro-fitting
  • Variable message signs
  • Video surveillance
  • Traffic light operation and maintenance
  • Wi-Fi and connectivity
  • LED technologies
  • Smart parking and electric vehicle recharging
  • Smart service and on-demand solutions