Military bases

Military bases are complex infrastructures that require a myriad of services in order to function effectively and meet the needs of their users. The particular criticality related to security requires a rigorous approach that is able to meet the to the requirements of each individual context.

Gemmo is a single point of contact for services and building work, able to guarantee:

  • 24/7 operation
  • fast intervention times
  • the ability to handle on-demand requests
  • the co-ordination of subcontracts to ensure an integrated and cohesive performance

Expertise in military bases

Over time, Gemmo has developed specific skills, gained both in the various US bases that have chosen us as partners, and in projects with similar needs in terms of technology and infrastructure management. The experience acquired over the years in various sectors allows us to offer the most suitable technical solutions for each project.

From installations to facility management and global service, to the best energy service solutions, each project is designed to bring benefits in terms of the environment, energy savings, security, control and supervision, as well as cost savings.

Gemmo’s activities for military bases range from the installation of power generation and distribution systems, UPS and generator sets, HVAC and plumbing systems, to building automation systems, the remote control and management of electrical loads, data networks, fire detection, access control and CCTV systems and many others.

Activities and services

Management and administration
Investment in facilities (O&M of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems)
Security and cleaning (including medical care facilities)
Provisioning/catering services
Security services
Pest control
Integrated solid waste management
Street cleaning
Shuttle bus services
Environmental analysis, waste pumping and water and wastewater removal services