ICT Services

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are a critical for most companies and organisations. In many cases, not investing in ICT may mean that companies lose their ability to compete and take advantage market opportunities.

The services offer many advantages, including business efficiency, competitiveness, access to information and global communication, but also cover some critical issues, including data security and the complexity of managing systems. Data is a valuable asset that makes it possible to analyse situations and find solutions. This is why it is important to invest in reliable and secure ICT and IT solutions.


Gemmo pays special attention to the design, installation, management and performance of advanced IT systems. The use of specific resources allows us to act flexibly and swiftly, in harmony with various in-house professionals, to offer appropriate and integrated solutions and optimise running costs.

Gemmo has the technology and human resources to carry out its activities by adapting to the customer’s needs at all stages of the work: conception, design and implementation, maintenance and optimisation. A team of experts in comprehensive solutions for the management and optimisation of information and communication technologies.

Technological solutions

Typical solutions implemented include:

  • security and monitoring systems
  • automation
  • telephone and data networks
  • maintenance management information systems

Special emphasis is placed on digital design, which is part of the digitalisation project for the construction and  smart building sector: Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Energy Modelling (BEM), Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS) and the creation of advanced dynamic digital models (digital twin).

ICT for hospitals

Hospital facilities are a particularly complex area in terms of ICT applications, as they require a guarantee of continuity and the security of information and biomedical systems.

Gemmo deals with the management, operation and maintenance of hospital information systems. Our permanent team guarantees the of the full range of contractual services are provided and delivered, also in synergy and with the support of additional in-house and third-party specialist resources, whenever envisaged and necessary. An on-call service is provided for the management of service interruptions in the managed systems, with the possibility of engaging second-level teams and prompt on-site intervention in case of severe events.

IT technologies are implemented for the management and monitoring of managed systems (virtualisation, redundant systems, backup policies), ticketing and tracking systems for activity management and reporting, and agile collaboration tools for teamwork and user support activities.

Gemmo offers operational support, including training courses and/or on-the-job assistance, for healthcare and administrative staff of the AULSS (local health authority) in the use of the managed information systems, including mission-critical systems for the management of emergency room and radiology activities, logistics, procurement and the delivery of medicines and medical devices.

The Gemmo team provides project and change management activities to support the management functions of the AULSSs in the analysis, development, roll-out, monitoring and reporting of the projects in relation to the areas controlled. In particular, it designs and implements complex and detailed data extractions for the AULSS functions in charge of resource monitoring, performance evaluation, management control and target setting.

Lastly, the service centre handles the maintenance and technological upgrading of the hardware of client workstations (radiology reporting workstations, desktop and portable PCs, hand-held computers) and of the data centres that host the production and test environments of all the managed systems, including a backup system.