Roads and tunnels

Safe road infrastructure

Gemmo designs, builds and operates various types of systems and provides essential services for modern infrastructure such as airports, railway stations, motorways and tunnels.

Experience in motorways and tunnels includes the construction, maintenance and management of various assets such as lighting, HVAC systems, tunnel fire alarm systems, CCTV, video accident detection systems, emergency generators etc.

Technical and technological support, high-level engineering consultancy, timely local service and constantly updated service standards are the foundation of our tunnel culture, with over 140km managed worldwide.

Unique expertise

Over the past 40 years, we have managed over 200 tunnels in Italy and abroad, taking care of the design, installation and maintenance of:

  • Lighting and ventilation systems
  • Energy saving projects
  • Automation and video surveillance
  • Fire-fighting installations and systems
  • Communication systems and displays
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Safety systems and generators
  • Traffic control
  • CCTV and DAI video systems with 24/7 monitoring

State-of-the-art fire protection systems

The limitations of most fire detection systems in tunnels are well known and inherent in the technology used. Heat sensitive cables are effective in detecting a high energy fire that has already started and which is therefore already extremely dangerous.

Reducing this physiological delay in activating rescue and damage control procedures makes a fundamental contribution to saving lives. The necessary technology is available; the only thing missing was to integrate it specifically for use in road and motorway tunnels.

Gemmo, which in decades of installing and managing tunnel installations and control systems has extensive knowledge of the specific operational requirements for these environments, proposes an alarm system that is based on the detection and monitoring of a potential fire. In addition, it integrates it as a subsystem into a larger, customisable monitoring system that activates emergency procedures, allowing the level of safety in any type of road tunnel to be increased.

The result is the implementation of an intelligent system that makes it possible to handle and monitor a potential fire hazard in the tunnel before it reaches unmanageable proportions. This system can be integrated with any subsystem that is installed or installable, including automatic fire extinguishing systems, traffic management and user warning systems as well as providing support for rescue teams even in conditions of poor visibility, visual monitoring, traffic light systems and lighting and ventilation systems.

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