The Gemmo group

An industrial group operating in highly complex sectors, both nationally and internationally, focused on technological innovation and efficiency to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Convinced that collaboration and the cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experience are key factors for development and growth, the Gemmo Group, in synergy with companies, technology partners, academia and the world of research, acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for companies and private and public organisations that require innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

The group

Energy management, complex technological systems and facility management

Gemmo SpA, a subsidiary of Gemmo Holding SpA, operates in the large infrastructure sector and is involved in the design, construction, management and maintenance of complex technological systems, facility management and energy management, offering projects and technological upgrading solutions for energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of processes.

The company offers engineering services and expertise capable of increasing the value of functional and service assets such as airports, hospitals, shopping centres, roads and tunnels, railway stations, government buildings, industrial plant and cultural heritage.

Business Unit | ICT Systems

Gemmo Sistemi was created with the aim of integrating services and technological systems necessary for guaranteeing functionality, comfort and optimisation of resources in the workplace and everyday life.

Gemmo Sistemi deals with remote monitoring, process control systems and the design of graphic user interfaces.

Business Unit | Switchgear Production

The design and manufacturing of switchgear is one of Gemmo’s historical activities. The Gemmo Quadri business unit designs, manufactures, installs and provides assistance for MV switchgear, LV distribution boards such as Power Centre and Motor Control Centres.

The product range also includes special switchgear, internal arc proof, MV/LV cabinets in Shelters for outdoor use and with integrated management and control systems. All types of switchgear are certified by qualified laboratories.

Energy Resources Development

Founded in 2004, Eris works in the field of energy services, heat management, facility management, electrical, special, plumbing, air conditioning and building systems, for public authorities and private customers.

Innovation and research aggregation for the energy sector, technological processes and digital transformation.

GEI Lab is a think tank at the service of cross-contamination and evolution in the energy sector, technological processes and digital transformation. It is a laboratory of excellence, that studies and implements the latest technologies, from the digitisation of the construction sector (holistically exploiting technologies and processes such as BIM, CMMS, IoT, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence) to Energy Business Intelligence, from the electrification of consumption to the use of renewable sources and energy storage management (photovoltaic systems, battery storage, green hydrogen, fuel cells).

Digital transformation and sustainability however, must not overlook the well-being and safety of people: GEI Lab also studies the best technologies available to support the quality of life of users of buildings and infrastructure, from sensors for analysing Indoor Air Quality to reduce sick building syndrome, to safety and service improvement solutions for smart roads and smart cities.

The open innovation approach adopted is an open invitation for collaboration and engagement of internal and external professionals to accelerate the creation of cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are essential for the transition to a decarbonised economy and for the deployment of digital technologies.