Milan Malpensa and Linate


Passenger traffic 19M/year
The main airport in northern Italy with:

  • 3 terminal
  • 65 gates
  • 226 check-in decks
  • 139 aircraft parkings
  • Gemmo spa fixed presence



  • Fire protection systems
  • Special Systems (CCTV, access control, intrusion detection)
  • Master clock management
  • Cargo City facilities
  • Widening of parking lots, internal roads and traffic light systems
  • AVL systems with energy supply


  • Special electrical systems smoke detection thermomechanical, plumbing, fire protection and sewage systems
  • BHS Systems
  • Cargo City facilities
  • British Airways VIP lounge facilities

Special intervention at Linate:

  • Electric car charging stations

Client: SEA Aeroporti Milano spa
Period: 2000 -ongoing(projected completion 2025)
Employees: Fixed presence, over 140 employees

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