Arena of Verona


Interventions for the conservation, enhancement and enjoyment of the Roman Amphitheater “Arena di Verona”


Construction of new electrical and special systems (LV switchboards and distribution, lighting, outlets, fire detection, data/audio outlets, WI-FI) and upgrading of fire extinguishing system.

The construction of the facilities coincides with the normal use of the amphitheater and includes special arrangements to safeguard the monument and limit the visual impact of the facilities.

1,500 high-efficiency LED lighting fixtures are planned, built to special specifications (“custom” optics, shapes, and colors) chosen to fit the particular conformation of the walls; corten steel masking, copper piping, and painted boxes/channels are planned for distribution.

Contract amount (Gemmo share): €2,300,000
Duration of work: 4 years (winter months only)
Period: 2020-2024

References in architectural and cultural heritage