IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development


The IFAD headquarters is the only building in Italy certified LEED Platinum, the highest recognition for the quality of technologies and associated maintenance. Gemmo supported IFAD at every stage of the certification, participating in the preliminary study and evaluation phases of the areas in which to act, as well as organizing and operating the management and maintenance of the facilities.


  • Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance: thermal and refrigeration generating stations, exchange sub-stations, distribution networks, pumping stations, air handling units, ventilation systems, normal and safety shut-off organs, terminal elements (splits, fan-coils, vents, etc.) and measuring and control elements (continuous monitoring systems, sampling probes, etc.), buried or unburied tanks and reservoirs, etc.
  • Maintenance of water and sanitation systems, sewage and drainage, irrigation
  • Maintenance of Electrical Installations: primary and secondary switchboards, distribution networks, user terminals, normal and security lighting, uninterruptible power supplies, accumulators, transformer rooms and Power Centers.
  • Fire detection and fire alarm system maintenance: automatic detection, extinguishing, pumping stations and accumulation systems, portable, fixed and wheeled fire extinguishers, fire dampers, smoke evacuation system, fire doors, etc.
  • Security and access control system maintenance: intrusion detection, access control, CCTV, supervision, data networks, etc;
  • Building works

Client: IFAD
Places of intervention: IFAD Headquarters, Via Paolo Dono, 44 – Rome
Contract subject: Maintenance and operation of technological facilities, including interventions to help maintain LEED O&M Platinum certification.
Contract term: 2008 – 2023

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