PWC – Milan


Facility Management for the PwC Tower, one of the three office towers that together with the Hadid Tower (Generali headquarters) and the Isozaki Tower (Allianz headquarters), form the heart of the emerging CityLife urban planning area of Milan.

Overall management: governance activities, establishment of technical registry and information system, management support
Routine maintenance of the building-plant system, in particular:
Electrical systems maintenance: conduction/maintenance activities of electrical systems, the
special installations and electrical equipment, verifications
Heating plant maintenance: conduction/maintenance activities of district heating and DHW production plants, recruitment of the position of Third Party Manager
Cooling plant maintenance: conduction/maintenance activities of thermal refrigeration plants
Water-sanitary system maintenance: operation and conduction of water systems, inspections
Maintenance of fire and safety systems and equipment: conduction/maintenance activities of fire and safety equipment, fire detection, gas detection, evacuation public address system (EVAC), intercom call system from quiet spaces
BMS plant maintenance: plant conduction/maintenance activities that control thermomechanical systems, electrical systems, safety systems, security systems, and elevator systems
Elevator system maintenance: conduction/maintenance activities for elevator systems
Building maintenance: operation and maintenance activities of the building envelope and interior rooms
Extra fee maintenance: extra deductible and/or on-demand repair work not included in regular maintenance fees.
Energy upgrading work: possible works aiming to increase energy efficiency and minimizing the building’s environmental impact;

Client: PWC
Places of intervention: Libeskind Tower “PWC”, Milan
Contract subject: Routine and extraordinary maintenance of plumbing, thermal, electrical, fire, elevator and building maintenance of Libeskind Tower “PwC Tower”
Contract term: 2021 – 2025

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