Electrical network for runways and aircraft handling at Fiumicino Airport

Gemmo SpA was awarded theelectrical grid system for flight handling and aircraft movement at Fiumicino. The work was awarded by ADR – Aeroporti di Roma after a public tender in which six of the most important Italian and international plant engineering companies participated.

150,000 meters of new power cables; 29 transformers that will provide enough power to power a city of 30,000; 2 new electrical substations and more than 160 switchboards: a mega plant that will be managed and controlled both automatically and remotely via an integrated remote management system. A strategic work for the management and control of electrical utilities for flight assistance and aircraft movement at Fiumicino International Airport.

“A project of great complexity, affecting one of the most critical areas ofairport operations,” commented Irene Gemmo, president and CEO of Gemmo SpA. “We will bring to the implementation of this work all our know-how both in terms of innovation and engineering capabilities and specific experience developed in airports such as Malpensa, Venice, Yerevan (Armenia), Buenos Aires, and Bucharest.”

The work at a glance
  • Approximately 150,000 meters of new power cables, including 83,000 at 24,000 V
  • Approximately 61,000 meters of new underground cable ducts
  • 2 new cabins for about 3,000 square meters
  • 30 24,000 V switchboards
  • 137 400 V switchboards
  • 29 new transformers and autotransformers between 100 and 630 kVA (totaling more than 11 MVA, (similar to the power needed for a city of 30,000)
  • 6 new absolute uninterruptible power generation units of 1,700 kVA each (totaling more than 1 MVA available seamlessly even in the absence of the general power supply)
  • Renovation of all existing cabins
  • More than 210 tons of new metal structures

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