Maestro Ennio Morricone’s famous arias light up the Basilica Palladiana

The great music of Maestro Ennio Morricone will be in Vicenza on Sept. 18 in an exceptional concert with free admission in Piazza dei Signori. On that occasion, Piazza dei Signori will be lit by a white light lighting system offered by Gemmo. The new lighting will enhance the Palladian Basilica, the Loggia del Capitaniato, the Bissara Tower, the Palazzo del Monte di Pietà and the adjacent squares.

The project, funded and implemented by Gemmo Spa, is a gift to the city of Vicenza to better enhance the heart of the historic center.

Making the opening moment even more evocative will be the notes of great music by Maestro Ennio Morricone. His performance will take place in an exceptional concert with free admission in the Piazza dei Signori. Also taking the stage will be theRoma Sinfonietta Orchestra, the soprano Susanna Rigacci, the Nuovo Coro Lirico Sinfonico Romano and the Coro Claudio Casini Dell’Università Degli Studi Di Roma Tor Vergata.

The event is organized by Gemmo Spa and the Municipality of Vicenza – Department of Culture.

Maestro Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone, 82, is one of the most famous contemporary composers. He is admired and imitated especially for his numerous film scores, which have almost reached the incredible number of 500. In fact, only thirty soundtracks have been written for Westerns, the genre that made him world famous, beginning with his collaboration with Sergio Leone. Not surprisingly, when he receives the special Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement, it is Clint Eastwood – the iconic actor of Leone / Morricone westerns – who presents him with the award. Morricone’s output includes countless compositions not designed for film: plays, symphonic works and works for soloist and orchestra, choral compositions, and chamber music.

“Maestro Morricone’s music is pure enchantment, and I cannot imagine a more exciting way to inaugurate the new lighting of the heart of our city. Basilica Palladiana and Piazza dei Signori are an extraordinary stage, and for one night the notes of Maestro Morricone will make it simply magical.”

Irene Gemmo, president and CEO of Gemmo Spa

Press release