Pwc Tower: facility management

When the point of view is everything: while the city was covered by clouds, there was a sunny day in the higher offices.

Together with the Hadid Tower (headquarters of Generali Italy) and the Isozaki Tower (headquarters of Allianz Italy), the Libeskind Tower headquarters of PwC Italy forms the heart of Milan’s CityLife urban planning area.

Gemmo is in charge of the tower’s facility management activities.

✔️ monitoring and emergency response
✔️ control room, for taking charge of all occupant reports
✔️ operation and maintenance of all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, special, and elevator systems (12 elevators + 2 staircases)
✔️ energy optimization

Collaboration with various teams of experts in the Pwc organization was a defining, and winning, element in the initiation of the facility management service and its subsequent adaptation to the actual needs of the building-occupant system.