Save the date: Energy Efficiency Report 2023 presentation.

Next June 15, we will participate in the Energy Efficiency Report 2023 presentation conference, in presence-only mode at Politecnico di Milano – Bovisa Branch, organized by POLIMI – Energy & Strategy.

As a research partner of the Energy Efficiency Observatory, we will discuss and elaborate on the analysis conducted on the regulatory, technological and market trends that have shaped the energy efficiency sector over the past year.

In particular, the following topics will be covered:

  • Italy’s positioning at the European level from the perspective of energy efficiency
  • European guidelines about consumption reduction targets and key national regulations to support energy efficiency
  • The technological framework of major energy efficiency solutions
  • The analysis of players and business models in the energy efficiency sector.
  • The propensity of businesses and households to make investments in energy efficiency
  • Market volumes and future scenarios for energy efficiency in Italy

The event is public and free, for information and registration: