Electrification of the docks of the port of Trieste awarded

[Gemmo for the sustainability of ports]

We are thrilled to announce that Gemmo SpA has been awarded the electrification works of the docks of the Bersaglieri Pier of the Port of Trieste. The work will be carried out in temporary joint venture with Mont-Ele srl. for the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea.

The project concerns the construction of an electrical conversion substation with plant engineering interventions (excavations and cable ducts, creation of terminal junction boxes, cable protection channels, etc.), which affect both Berths 29 and 30. The system will be able to power a maximum ship load of 20MVA at a voltage of 6.6kV or 11kV with a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, according to the technical-regulatory specifications imposed by the IEC 8000-5-1 standard.

The purpose of the electrification of the docks is to make it possible to power the moored ships through a Cable Dispenser wagon. In fact, when ships are stationed in ports, they are powered by on-board generators which cause gaseous emissions into the air and noise.

With this cold ironing work, financed by the PNRR fund, the port of Trieste will become one of the leaders in the adoption of innovative technologies. The aim is to reduce emissions and improve air quality in port areas.

This order represents a significant step in our mission to promote environmental sustainability in Italian ports. We are committed to contribute to the energy transition towards a greener future in the port sector.