Digitization and incentives to support energy efficiency

Digitization and incentives to support energy efficiency were the most relevant topics that emerged last June 15 at the conference presenting the #EnergyEfficiency2023 report edited by POLIMI – Energy & Strategy.

Alessio Zanetti of Gemmo S.p.A. discussed this in a panel discussion along with some of the Energy Efficiency Observatory partners: Claudia Cattaneo of Arcoservizi S.p.A., Angelo Guerrieri of Coopservice and Armando Portoraro of Trigenia S.r.l.

The knowledge of assets, maintenance status and actual energy needs is fundamental, thanks to the integration of #digitization tools (BIM, CMMS/CAFM and smart metering), for proper definition and monitoring of energy efficiency goals, increasingly through the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) formula.

The need to rationalize the incentives available for the energy transition is highly felt, for effective allocation across the entire energy efficiency chain, from renewable production to efficient consumption.