Gemmo for the sustainability of the port of Ravenna with cold ironing

[Gemmo per la sostenibilità dei porti]

We are pleased to report that Gemmo SpA has been awarded the construction of a cold ironing station in Porto Corsini (Ravenna), supporting the sustainability of the port area. The work is in a temporary business association (ATI) with ABB Zurich and Integra Consortium. Our partner Galileo Engineering will be responsible for the final and executive design

The intent of theNorth Central Adriatic Sea Port System Authority is to decrease the environmental impacts generated by the mooring of ships in the port. Indeed, with this NRP-funded work, air quality will be improved and noise pollution in and around the port areas will be reduced.

The project involves the construction of the system for shore power for cruise ships docked at the Porto Corsini Terminal with a nearly 8-kilometer-long cable duct that is integrated into the Cruise Terminal project.

Also included in the works is another pipeline, about 3.5 km long, to connect the cabin to which the cold ironing will be connected and a 20 MW photovoltaic plant owned by the Port System Authority. The latter is scheduled for completion by 2025. This connection was envisioned with a view to the future of powering the Cruise Terminal, as well as other neighboring terminals, with clean energy for greater sustainability.

Congratulations to our colleagues Nicola Leoce, Saverio Miolato and Elisabetta Favale for achieving this result. Good luck to our colleagues in the operations area!