Mestre Beltway


The so-called Mestre beltway is the 32.3-kilometer-long highway section of the A4 that avoids crossing the former urban section of the A4, now renamed the A57 – Mestre beltway.
It was opened to traffic on February 8, 2009, and includes three lanes plus an emergency lane.
There are 9 underground sections, 8 tunnels and 4 viaducts along the ring road.
Daily traffic: 51 thousand vehicles (average)


  • Lighting systems
  • Traffic lights
  • Electrical substations
  • Variable message panels
  • Traffic control systems
  • CCTVs
  • Radio broadcasting
  • Smoke detectors and fire suppression system
  • 2 control rooms (1 for traffic, 1 for systems)
  • 2 toll stations

Intervention Area: MESTRE BELTWAY
Client: CAV S.p.A. (50% ANAS, 50% Veneto Region).
Joint venture: Aristea Service
Contract: Facilities and signage of the nine tunnels: Emergency stations located inside cabins including all equipment required by law; implementation of signage indicating SOS stations and escape routes; measures to increase safety
Total length: 32.3 km
Daily traffic: About 51 thousand vehicles
Value: €45,000,000
Duration: 5 years
Period: 2005 – 2010

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