Gemmo at the Assistal – ENEA conference.

Gemmo will participate in the conference “Digitization and Management Efficiency of Strategic Public Infrastructure” organized by ASSISTAL and ENEA on Oct. 25, 2022 at 3 p.m. at the Hall of Vibia Sabina and Hadrian Temple in Rome.

Alessio Zanetti, business development and innovation director of Gemmo and vice president of ASSISTAL, will talk about theapplication of PELL to hospital facilities.

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From the long-standing collaboration between ENEA and ASSISTAL, with the contribution of SIAIS and the support of Gemmo, the PELL (Public Energy Living Lab) Hospitals Working Table was born in 2020, an initiative aimed at promotinginnovation in the management processes of hospital facilities as strategic infrastructures to urban regeneration.

The working table, composed of hospital stakeholders active in the design, operation and management of buildings, facilities and equipment, has as its objectives:

➡️ overcome the lack of standardized and available public data on facility consistency, building characteristics, operation and maintenance, energy consumption, O&M costs;

➡️ acquire data from different sources with a uniform and standardized methodology;

➡️ achieve a basic knowledge of hospital facilities nationwide.