Gemmo supports the 17th Catholic Information Forum

Gemmo S.p.A. is pleased to support the 17th Catholic Information Forum “The Role of Communities for Inclusive and Generative Ecological Conversion,” organized by GREENACCORD ONLUS. The event is being held in Bari, Nov. 25-27, in the “Mons. Magrassi” auditorium (Corso Alcide De Gaspari 274/A).

“The first form of biodiversity that we feel a duty to know and protect is the human biodiversity that lives in our diverse and vibrant communities. The program of our Forum,” highlights Giuseppe Milano, secretary general of Greenaccord Onlus, “reflects this interdisciplinary research and the need for a deeper and more sincere intergenerational connection between different experiences and skills.”

➡️ Here the full statement and all info:

The event is open to the public, free of charge and accredited with theNational Order Of Journalists as a training course with credits (12 on the two days). Renewable energy, energy communities, circular and civil economy, and sustainable tourism will be discussed.

⚡️ We particularly highlight the first panel discussion, titled “Effective and lasting energy transition that enhances communities,” scheduled for Friday, November 25 from 3 p.m., with papers by researchers Antonella Tundo (ENEA), Valeria Palomba (CNR ITAE) and Alessandra Pesce (CREA Research), and with contributions from professor of energy engineering at Rome’s “Sapienza” University Andrea Micangeli, director of the Bologna Agribusiness Center Duccio Caccioni, Project Lucensis director Giuseppe Lanzi and ènostra benefit society president sara capuzzo.