Pwc tower maintenance awarded to Gemmo

For four years, Gemmo, the group leader of the temporary business grouping with CMB Società cooperativa Muratori e Braccianti di Carpi, will be responsible for routine and extraordinary maintenance of the plumbing, heating, electrical, firefighting, and elevator systems, as well as construction maintenance of the Pwc Tower.

The PWC Tower, Milan’s new landmark in the CityLife project, was designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind and was conceived according to state-of-the-art construction and environmental sustainability criteria, confirmed by obtaining the prestigious LEED for Core & Shell level GOLD certification.

The new Milan headquarters houses about 3,500 professionals in its 175.5-meter-high, 31-story levels and 33,500 square meters of floor space.

Specifically, Gemmo will be responsible for:

  • overall management: governance activities, establishment of the technical registry and information system;
  • management support,
  • operation and maintenance activities for the following systems:
    • electrical, special and electrical equipment;
    • of district heating and for DHW production, recruitment of the position of Third Party Manager;
    • thermal refrigerators;
    • water-sanitary;
    • fire and safety devices, fire detection, gas detection, evacuation public address system (EVAC), intercom call system from quiet spaces;
    • BMS (building management system), for control and management of thermomechanical systems, electrical systems, safety systems, security systems, and elevator systems;
    • elevators;
  • maintenance of the building envelope and interior rooms;
  • energy upgrading works: possible works with a view to continuously increasing energy efficiency and minimizing the environmental impact of the building.