First thematic meeting of InvestinIT LAB

Yesterday was the first thematic meeting of InvestinIT LAB sponsored by SDA Bocconi, with whom we are happy to collaborate.

From SDA Bocconi sharing:

InvestinIt LAB work was launched today with the collaboration of CDP Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and under the scientific direction of Prof. Veronica Vecchi on requalification of real estate assets and improving energy efficiency investments.
A productive first meeting aimed at generating real value in the long run for financial sustainability and environmental, social and economic value.
Read the news:

They talked about upgrading the housing stock and improvingenergy efficiency investments, issues that are close to our hearts. Indeed, with electricity and gas prices tripling over the past year, the energy issue takes on a significant economic as well as environmental impact for both municipalities and health care providers.

We will keep you updated on upcoming meetings, which provide a fruitful space for insight and discussion to stimulate a process of co-evolution between the public and private sectors.