Niguarda Metropolitan Hospital – Milan

Area of focus

Design, installation maintenance of the new wing of Niguarda Hospital, Milan.

Construction of all facilities that constitute the Niguarda Hospital Technology Cluster.



The works can be summarized as follows:

  • power plant
  • refrigeration unit
  • cogeneration plant
  • waterworks
  • general energy lines.

The new Technological Pole will house the new thermal power plant sized and serving the entire hospital complex, an electrical capacity of 3.916 MWe. In addition to the above-mentioned power generation components, heat exchangers are also provided for the conversion of heat transfer fluids to others of different types.

The configuration of the central unit includes, the installation of:

  • 3 electric units with 3.5 MWf centrifugal compressor;
  • 2 hot water-fired absorption units, each having a cooling capacity of 1.95 MWf
  • 2 steam-fired absorption units, each having a cooling capacity of 3.55 MWf

The variant configuration of the cogeneration plant, which more appropriately can be called trigeneration since it produces thermal, electrical and cooling energy, will, therefore, total 11.75 MWe in Phase 1 and 15.7 MWe in Phase 2.

The new water plant consisting of the set of water storage, treatment and pumping equipment in its various uses will be located in the new Technology Hub in the basement. The general supply will be by connection to the two lines from the public aqueduct network in the hospital area, and multiple branches will be derived from these to supply the various water systems.


The power plant consists of the following assemblies (partly packages) and equipment that form its backbone; we list the major items below:

  • power generation
  • medium voltage switchboards
  • low voltage switchboard (power center)
  • low voltage auxiliary panel
  • oil and resin transformers
  • static ups, batteries, rectifiers, power factor correction, softstart, inverters
  • electrical plant supervision and control system (SCADA)
  • central supervision and control system (DCS)
  • frameworks packages
  • emergency generators

Client: ASSR Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda (formerly AO Niguarda)
SPV: Progeni Spa
Location: Milan
Gemmo contract value: 243.8 M
Type of contract: Project financing
Duration: 30 years
Construction period: 2005 – 2013
Service management period: 2009 – 2033

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