Multiservice Intercent-ER

Area of focus

Health Companies of the Emilia Romagna region – AUSL Romagna area – Hospital Companies of: Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini
15 hospital facilities and more than 100 facilities located throughout the territory


Entrusting the multiservice maintenance of buildings in use by the health companies of the Emilia – Romagna region

Government activities.

Establishment of the technical registry and information system.

Management support.

Fuel supply or primary energy.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems.

Operation and management of winter and summer air conditioning systems.

Operation and conduction of electrical installations, special installations and electrical equipment.


Operation and management of water and medical gas systems.


Operation and conduction of elevator systems.

Maintenance management of building components, including maintenance of outdoor green areas.

Snow removal and prevention of ice formation in outdoor access areas.

Repair work not included in maintenance fees and minor retrofitting work (under 40,000€).

Supplementary works, supplies and services.

Type of contract: Convention
Convention duration: 11 years
Total amount: 194 M Euro
Maintenance and service fee: 128M Euro
Extraordinary maintenance – works: 66M Euro

Hospital facilities references