XXII Airport Maintenance Conference.

Gemmo is pleased to announce its participation as Main Sponsor in the XXII Airport Maintenance Conference to be held at Fiumicino Airport on November 30, 2023.

The event, organized by theObservatory on Airport Maintenance Activities in collaboration with leading industry bodies, will be a unique opportunity to explore issues related to advanced technologies andartificial intelligence in airport maintenance.

“The goal is to adopt common lines of conduct in the member Airports, sharing experiences and knowledge, thus promoting a constructive and propulsive discussion on the maintenance culture in airports, as well expressed in the relevant Bylaws.”

Felice Cottino, President of the Observatory on Airport Maintenance Activities.

The conference program includes papers by experts in the field, including Maurizio Crispino of Milan Polytechnic, Stefano Biondi of Aeroporti di Roma, and Alberto Servienti, a university lecturer and consultant in the airport sector.

We are proud to be an integral part of this important event, a valuable opportunity for knowledge exchange. We continue to be committed to fostering innovation and excellence in airport maintenance, building on our established experience in the field.